My clinical expertise will support and guide you in the best way to bring attention and care to the health and well-being aspects of your organisation, business, team and professional life.

Chula Goonewardene MBACP

My approach for the past 15 years is based on a combination of:

  • Front-line experience as a clinician in the statutory, charity and private health care sectors
  • Operational Management of clinical teams and services within these sectors
  • Delivery of clinical training to healthcare and media professionals and psychotherapeutic lectures to MSc students
  • Supervising and mentoring volunteers, trainees, practitioners and therapists in the Addiction Treatment Field
  • Providing clinical consultancy for philanthropists, charities, therapists and healthcare services
  • The creation, set-up, implementation and directing of Psychotherapeutic Services to meet health and well-being needs under specific briefs

About Me

Professional and personal integrity are of paramount importance to me and I work hard to ensure that this is evident in everything that I do.

A combination of excellent communication skills, extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of research and theory, support me to manage addiction treatment teams effectively, provide life-changing therapy, facilitate groups successfully, and deliver education, training and consultancy, to those in need.

I spent my former years as a musician, starting as a classically trained Pianist and Violinist, becoming a self-taught Guitarist and Drummer, and then enjoying a professional career in music during my 20’s.

After falling foul to the perils of addiction myself, I came into recovery via Action On Addiction’s CLOUDs House in 2003 and have remained completely abstinent ever since by working a 12-Step programme.

I joined the voluntary sector of the Substance Misuse field in 2005 and have worked 1:1, as a Drug & Alcohol Practitioner, with over 600 clients in community-based treatment. I moved into Treatment Management and Training in 2010, in partnership with the NHS, and I recently spent 3 years as the Operations Manager & Senior Counsellor of Steps2Recovery; a charity providing free residential rehabilitation for individuals from the Criminal Justice System, caught in the cycle of addiction and criminality.

I have a thriving Psychotherapy private practice at 15 Harley Street, where I specialise in working with Music Industry and media professionals, including high-profile creative artists.

I inform Public Health and the Home Office on best practice with regards to national treatment strategy for addictive disorders as a Board Member for Recovery Group UK, and as an Advisory Panel Member for the Centre of Social Justice’s Addiction Unit, I have been constructing policy recommendations and attending All-Party-Parliamentary-Groups to present experience, opinions and ideas.

I am the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Attune, providing mental health & well-being support packages to creatives in the Music Industry, and am currently providing Clinical Consultancy to Steps2Recovery, and the Music Support, BAPAM, and HMUK charities. This includes; clinical guidance and supervision, recruitment of clinicians, therapeutic assessments, and Counselling & Psychotherapy, alongside the writing and delivery of addiction-focused training.

I also lecture on the Addiction Psychology & Counselling MSc at London South Bank University. Coming from a Buddhist family, I use this philosophy to enhance my personal and professional life. I still find time to play the drums for the ‘Council of Neptune’ and have recently launched my own clothing brand CJG London.

Since 2022

We Are Attune - Co-Founder & Clinical Director

Providing mental health & well-being support packages to creatives in the music industry.

Since 2014

CM Therapy – BACP Counsellor & Psychotherapist 2014

Private practice @15 Harley Street, delivering 1:1, couples, family and group counselling & psychotherapy


Azura Minds – Cofounder and Clinical Director

Creation of a Health & Well Being Service for corporates in the City.

Since 2019

Recovery Group UK – Board Member

Informing Public Health and the Home Office on best practice with regards to national treatment strategy for addictive disorders.


Centre for Social Justice – Advisory Panel Member

Advising the addiction unit of the CSJ on policy recommendations with regards to national treatment strategy and attending All-Party-Parliamentary-Groups to present experience, opinions and ideas.


The Pocressi Initiative / Bernard Lewis Family Charitable Trust – Clinical Consultant and Service Director

Clinical Consultancy to Lily Lewis and directing the design and implementation of the Kairos+ Counselling Service.


Music Support, BAPAM, Parker Consulting and Help Musicians UK – clinician, consultant and trainer

Clinical Consultancy, recruitment of clinicians, therapeutic assessments, and 1:1 counselling & psychotherapy, alongside the writing and delivery of addiction-focused training for professionals in the music industry.


London South Bank University – Lecturer

Delivering ‘Group Facilitation; Theory and Skills’ lectures and ‘Risk Assmnt/Safe-Guarding/Triage Assmnt/Care Planning/Treatment Formulation’ workshop lectures on the Addiction Psychology & Counselling MSc.


Steps2Recovery – Operations Manager & Senior Counsellor

Operational management and clinical direction of a residential and community rehabilitation treatment centre


Intervene/Addiction Today Magazine – Feature Writer

Regular articles in the leading, global, bi-monthly magazine on addiction, treatment and recovery, with topics including; Harm Reduction and Abstinence; Facing Bereavement in Recovery; Identity and Identification.


Camden Specialist Drug Service – Clinical Pathway Manager

On an NHS Honorary Contract, holding a caseload of 20 complex-need substance misuse clients and managing a team of 7 Practitioners, 2 Data Administrators and a Peer Mentor that deliver Psychosocial Interventions, Substitute Opiate Prescribing and Recovery Support. All related managerial duties as below.


Recovery Spaces Ltd - Consultant and Implementation Manager

Consulting on the development of the Recovery Spaces on-line treatment tool and coordinating the implementation of the first RS community-based pilot at NWDAS.


North Westminster D&A Service – Recovery Groupwork Programme Manager

Managing a team of 8 Practitioners, 7 Volunteer Practitioners and 4 Peer Mentors that devised and deliver; a Low Threshold Group Programme, a 2-phase Structured Day Programme, Aftercare Groups, ETE & IT Provision, DRR Drug Testing, and Substance Misuse Training for Health Care Professionals in the Tri-Borough. All related admin and data recording, including; 1:1 Practitioner supervision, contract monitoring reports for the Public Health England SMOC Team, joint-working protocols with external providers and sessional workers, staff recruitment processes, managing the team's service budget, ensuring NICE best practice and CQC-standard service delivery, managing adult safe-guarding and child protection cases (SAM) in the borough, and implementing organisational policy and procedure.


Charter Harley Street - Aftercare Counsellor/Group Therapist

Lead and co-facilitating aftercare groups in a counselling capacity at a private-sector treatment clinic.


ProAct Training - Addictions Trainer and Treatment Consultant

Devised and delivered a range of Addiction Training Sessions for Health Care Professionals, including; Westminster and K&C Social Services, Job Centre Plus and Twickenham Family & Parenting Service.


NWDAS – 1:1 Counsellor

1:1 counselling for abstinent and stable clients/family members/carers in North Westminster.


WDP - Senior Structured Treatment Practitioner and D&A Practitioner

Lead and co-facilitating groups, workshops and social activities on the Structured Day Programme. 1:1 keyworking and client case-management, training & supervision of volunteer practitioners - all related admin and data management.

Training Sessions

Training Content Duration
Models of Care & 12-Step Programmes To give a comprehensive understanding of the statutory Treatment (Tier) system, 12-Step Programmes and client pathways. Half / Whole Day
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation To give a basic understanding of theory and techniques. To demonstrate how to use this with self and clients in 1:1 and Group work settings. Whole Day
Core Conditions of Counseling/ Transactional Analysis/ Drama Triangle/ Recovery Skills To give a basic understanding of theory and practice. Whole Day
Cycle of Change To explain the stages of the CoC and how it works. To demonstrate how to use this with clients in 1:1 and Group work settings. Half Day
Alcohol Awareness and Harm Reduction Physical and mental (long & short term) effects, Client Presentation, Units, Gender differences, FAS, Wernickes. Half / Whole Day
Drug Awareness and Harm Reduction Categories, Classifications, Physical and mental (long & short term) effects, Client Presentation, Paraphernalia, Terminology. Half / Whole Day

All training sessions can be adapted to suit need, cover aspects of health and well-being, and maintain a recovery focus.


  • 1:1 Initial Consultation – £265
  • 1:1 Comprehensive Assessment - £375
  • 1:1 Therapy / Coaching - £185
  • Mediation / Couples Therapy – £245
  • Team / Group / Family Support – £275 or
  • Full-day Intervention - £1000 (4x60min sessions)
  • Group Psychotherapy – £75 per person per session (90min) x12 minimum
  • Workshops / Lectures / Training Sessions - £985 half-day / £1895 full-day
  • Clinical Consultancy - £195 per hr

All fees are negotiable for registered charities

Consulting Room

15 Harley Street


I have had the pleasure of working with Chula over the last 18 months running workshops on the Family Dynamics of Addiction at Steps2Recovery where he was the Operations Manager and Senior Counsellor. From our first meeting I was struck by his command of the job in hand ie. the extremely challenging task of managing a residential treatment centre for vulnerable men and women with complex psychological and practical needs in their first few weeks of recovery from addiction.

From my own experience working with addiction clinics over the years, I know this is one of the most demanding and stressful roles in our profession and one which requires all the obvious executive skills but also a cool head, a compassionate heart and powerful leadership. Chula has all these attributes in abundance, but is also a highly skilled and experienced therapist helping individuals overcome problems with addiction and other mental and behavioural issues to succeed in achieving happiness and well-being.

I would not hesitate to recommend him in either a managerial or clinical capacity and look forward to our on-going collaboration in the field of addiction recovery.

Flora McEwen Brooks
Co-Director Living the Solution Workshops on the Dynamics of Addiction

Ditto to all Flora has said, and in addition, what I have noticed about Chula in the time that we have been working together, is that he is resourceful, dedicated and inventive. Chula is someone I KNOW will get things moving and done. He is also very kind, whilst bringing a sense of fun to what can be hard, and heartbreaking work.

I would not hesitate to refer to him. I also know that whatever Chula brings his extraordinary focus and attention to, would be something not only to pay attention to, but get involved in. I wish him the very best in all that he does.

Camilla Crichton-Stuart
Co-Director Living the Solution Workshops on the Dynamics of Addiction

Would I be happy for Chula to treat someone I love? All day long – and then some. He is unquestionably the real deal. A treatment thoroughbred wrapped in competence, commitment and charisma.

Chula has an ability to instantly establish that he is a knowledgeable and safe pair of hands. As his relationship with clients/patients moves forward it becomes evident that his ethical and non-judgemental approach is extremely settling. He can now introduce his expertise focusing on helping people to lead manageable, productive and happy lives. The results are amazing.

He has the respect of other professionals in his field – and that’s something.

Anthony McLellan
The McLellan Practice

Working with Chula is one of the highlights of my job. It is extremely rare to come across such expertise, skill and experience within one person. I collaborate with him wherever possible and continue to learn an enormous amount from him. I would recommend his abilities and expertise to anyone working within a therapeutic or addiction treatment context, or within the charity sector as a whole.

Lily Lewis
Director of Social Cohesion
The Bernard Lewis Family Charitable Trust

Chula is enthusiastic and very committed, it is clear that he loves his work, be it his employment as Recovery Groupwork Programme Manager or as Counsellor & Psychotherapist. He shows passion, willingness to learn, a view of his work as service to the world, a perception that includes spirituality, and an ability to give people hope and perspective.

He is obviously well-suited to his management position and to his role as a Therapist.

Urs Mattmann
BACP accred. Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor

Chula is an influential leader, his style is one of a shared vision and transparency that does not undermine the process of meeting what is expected of the team, he is clear, directive, supportive and stands by his decisions, and above all, he is consistent, showing sound judgement, commitment and focus.

Chula is able to manage effectively by encouraging and supporting the team’s needs individually and as a group, he actively promotes and works with the dynamics of the team to ensure that the intensity of the day-to-day activities are explored amongst the team and critiqued in an open and honest way, this therefore has a positive impact on how the team model themselves and take responsibility for all aspects of their performance and abilities to function well.

Chula has represented our organisation in a number of settings, he has delivered training both internally and externally, and communicates well with partner agencies as well as our commissioners and service users. He articulates himself well and is responsive, able to listen and reflect. He participates well in all meetings, and where necessary will challenge negative behaviour in order to get his point heard, without compromising his integrity, or professional boundaries.

A focus of the work undertaken within the Structured Day Programme is to promote diversity and challenge inequalities – this is promoted within all aspects of the treatment programme and how the group functions, from the food prepared to how we work with women in the groups. This commitment is driven amongst the diversity of his team and how this is therefore balanced in the day-to-day operation of the group. Chula is open to learning and sharing learning, in order to understand and support difference.

Chula has faced a number of challenges over the last few months where change has been inevitable, he has supported these changes and been involved with all aspects of the reconfiguration and implementation. This support, and his involvement, have been paramount in him taking forward and leading these changes, further proving that he is able to be measured in his approach, take direction where necessary, and follow a process that has allowed the team to feel inclusion where appropriate.

Andrulla Garcia
NWDAS Service Manager