05.24 / “Championing the Wellbeing of the Next Generation”

Chula J Goonewardene MBACP speaks at Music Support: Championing the Wellbeing of the Next Generation on 18th May in Brighton.

11.23 / “Let’s Talk About Addiction”

On November 2nd (7:00pm – 8:45pm), Taking Action on Addiction and partners presented an unforgettable evening titled “Let’s Talk About Addiction”

Hosted live from The Brink, Liverpool, this fantastic evening captivated audiences across the country with honest, open and frank conversations about addiction and recovery.

This absorbing evening, hosted by our wonderful ambassador, Bryony Gordon, included conversations with our esteemed panel:

Ali Gill – chef and journalist/writer
Chula J Goonewardene – counsellor, therapist, musician and clinical director of Attune
Nicky Hamilton – acclaimed photographer of film, tv and commercial
Harriet Strange – recovery coach

with music by Dave McCabe and James “Jay” Lewis

10.23 / Chula speaks as part of a panel discussion for I, Lord (Response Ability Theatre)

Photo credit: Oluwatosin Daniju

Chula J Goonewardene MBACP will be speaking on a panel discussion following the play, I Lord by Response Ability Theatre on Monday 30 October at 4.30pm

07.23 / BAPAM Resilience Workshop

BAPAM CPD Workshop: Chula uses his personal and professional story to illustrate how addictive disorders can initially provide a false-sense of resilience, but when recovery is needed, how therapeutic support is necessary to grow true resilience for a successful future. (26.07.23)

07.23 / Chula J Goonewardene MBACP is this week’s guest on The Journey Home podcast

Matthew’s guest this week is Chula J Goonewardene. Chula is a psychotherapist, clinical Director of Attune and consultant for a number of organisations. Matthew and Chula go way back and their respective journeys share many similarities.

05.23 / An intro to Addiction work: Chula J Goonewardene MBACP interviewed by Tom Relevitch MBACP Counsellor & Supervisor advising trainee counsellors.

05.23 / Chula J Goonewardene MBACP – Life Story Interview with Mak Pate

Chula J Goonewardene describes the early experiences that led to addiction, and his journey through the 12-step programme into sobriety and a professional life as a clinical psychotherapist.

02.23 / Chula J Goonewardene MBACP interviewed by May Edwards MBACP on working with childhood trauma & addiction in Psychotherapy.

11.22 / Chula J Goonewardene attends the House of Lords w/Steps2Recovery to promote 12-Step treatment in the UK.

10.22 / Chula J Goonewardene on the panel at Abbey Road for Music Minds Matter – Mental health in music: leading positive change

HELP MUSICIANS at Abbey Road Studios to promote mental health awareness.

10.22 / Chula J Goonewardene filmed by Beguiled Productions for up-coming documentary on Addiction in the Music Industry 

01.22 / Chula J Goonewardene MBACP interviewed by Serena Paese on performance anxiety in musicians

Discussing addiction, trauma, spirituality, meditation and how they relate to performance anxiety for musicians.

09.21 / TPG – Mental Welfare – September Session

Chula J Goonewardene takes part in a music industry panel on mental health and well-being as we return to live shows.

password: Back2Work

01.21 / Music Support webinar 28th January 2021

Chula will be taking part in a discussion hosted by Music Support on how to spot and take care of addiction and substance misuse in the music industry, demystifying the 12 step programme and supporting those who lead sober / sober-curious lifestyles.

01.21 / Codependency in Artist and Talent Management with Parker Consulting

As December comes to a close there’s just enough time for me to shoe-horn in my final post about codependency. And it’s a goodun. Big thanks to Chula J Goonewardene for his insight and brutal honesty about life as a musician addict in recovery and now one of the most down to earth and humble therapists out there.

01.21 / Expert talk given at thislifedivine.com online event 2-4 Jan

This Life Divine is a new 3-day online event for anyone looking for transformation and freedom from anxious and addictive behaviours. Join us for a lovingly curated line-up of yoga classes, pranayama (breathwork), workshops and talks from expert, compassionate teachers.

12.20 / Trauma, Addiction & Recovery talk on alternatives.org.uk

Chula talks for Alternatives about the links between Trauma, Addiction and Recovery within the framework of his own personal journey.

Chula gives a talk on Trauma,Addiction & Recovery at alternatives.org.uk

12.20 / Boudica Music Conference 2020: Mental Health and Well-Being

Boudica Music Conference 2020 streamed from the Freemasons Hall

How Covid and this year events have affected the overall well-being of people working in the music industry and how musicians, especially those belonging to minorities, can face challenges that leave them particularly vulnerable.
Hosted by The Musicians Union

05.20 / Mental Wellness in Music with SK Shlomo & Chula J Goonewardene (BACP)

As an extension of Mental Health Awareness Week, Focusrite hosted a live webinar presented by performer and producer SK Shlomo, and BACP registered psychotherapist Chula J Goonewardene.

11.19 / Addiction: Chula J Goonewardene and Adrianna Irvine featured in Elevate Music podcast

In this episode we hear from musician and psychotherapist Chula J Goonewardene about his experiences with addiction whilst working as a drummer.  We then hear from therapist Adrianna Irvine about her work, substance use in the music industry and where musicians can go for support. 

Chula Goonewardene at wisebuddah.com / Elevate Music
Chula Goonewardene speaking about addiction at Elevate Music podcast

10.19 / Why do music and addiction go hand in hand? Part three: heroin

An NME x Change Incorporated documentary about why heroin has been prevalent in the music industry since the 1940s, and what can be done about it. The film features the incisive wisdom of Harry Shapiro (author of numerous books about drugs and alcohol, including 2007’s The Essential Guide to Drugs and Alcohol). Also interviewed are Dan Gillespie Sells (lead singer of The Feeling), Chula J Goonewardene (former band member and heroin addict who is now a psychotherapist), Adam Ficek (former member of Pete Doherty’s Babyshambles, who is also now a psychotherapist), unsigned band The Levis, and more.

02.19 / Chula J Goonewardene gives a presentation at HQ Therapy’s Addiction afternoon

HQ Therapy held an addiction and trauma afternoon for their Therapists Collective. Chula J Goonewardene presented the Steps2Recovery treatment model to illustrate an effective approach to treating the underlying trauma of those suffering with addictive disorders and how to best support individuals into long-term recovery.

02.19 / Chula J Goonewardene speaking as clinical consultant for Music Support at ‘IPM 12: THE SHOW MUST GO ON, BUT AT WHAT COST?’

The first session of this year’s ILMC Production Meeting tackled the toll that touring takes on the physical and mental well-being of production crews. Read more

Chula Goonewardene speaks at 'IPM 12: THE SHOW MUST GO ON, BUT AT WHAT COST?'
Chula J Goonewardene speaks at ‘IPM 12: THE SHOW MUST GO ON, BUT AT WHAT COST?’

11.18 / Chula J Goonewardene speaks at Voices of Fashion on Mental Health

Voices of fashion on mental health

08.18 / Chula J Goonewardene is Guest Speaker at Murdostoun Castle for Abbeycare’s Recovery Month celebrations


Chula J Goonewardene delivers addiction training to Universal staff at Abbey Rd Studios (2018)

Chula Goonewardene delivers addiction training to Universal staff at Abbey Rd Studios

Chula J Goonewardene (Steps2Recovery) speaking at Abbeycare’s first professional event, at Lanwades Hall (2018).

Click here for more information on the event.

Chula Goonewardene from Steps2Recovery speaking at Abbeycare's first professional event

Steps2Recovery sponsor iCAAD 2017/18


iCAAD: International Conferences on Addiction and Associated Disorders

Chula J Goonewardene represents Steps2Recovery at the CSJ Awards 2017.

Chula J Goonewardene featured in a short film about Voluntary Sector Treatment – 2013.


Chula J Goonewardene appears in a promotional film for the Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK – November 2015.

Chula J Goonewardene appears in David Charkham’s presentation at UKESAD 2016, the UK and European Symposium for Addictive Disorders.

PRESENTERS announced at UKESAD 2016